Reducing Employer Pharmacy Benefits Spending with DiRx Online Pharmacy

With the addition of DiRx Online Pharmacy to the myDrugCosts platform, members will have more opportunities to save on their medications while helping to reduce employer pharmacy benefits spending. 

Providing employees with health technology from myDrugCosts with DiRx, employers can effectively manage pharmacy spending, increase employee engagement, and ultimately increase employees’ take-home pay.

Recognized by Forbes Health as one of the “Best Online Pharmacies for 2022 and 2023”, DiRx offers affordable discounted prices on more than 1,400 drugs.  

DiRx pricing starts at $3, is bought without insurance, and doesn’t add to employer plan cost.

Using the top 30 most common claims for a mid-size technology company from January to April of 2023, we identified 23 drugs covered by DiRx that would save the company and its employees money.

These 23 drugs represent a savings for the company and its employees and reduce employer pharmacy spending on these top 30 claims by 70 percent. 

On average, DiRx pricing for the 23 medications was 50 percent less than buying with insurance.

As healthcare costs continue to rise, employers are looking for innovative ways to control costs.  Offering employees tools and resources like myDrugCosts can reduce employer pharmacy spending and promotes a culture of wellness and financial responsibility.

Members can see if a medication qualifies for DiRx pricing and learn how to take advantage of savings opportunities by searching for a drug in their myDrugCosts accounts.  Members will also receive “Personalized Savings” notifications when their medications are cheaper through DiRx. 

To take advantage of these savings opportunities and to help reduce corporate pharmacy spending, employees should be encouraged to create a myDrugCosts account at or download the app for Apple iOS or Android

If you are interested in seeing insight on direct opportunities to reduce employer pharmacy spend or would be interested in adding myDrugCosts to your corporate health plan, email