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Reduce Your Clients’ Spend.
Secure and Easy to Implement.

Bring transparency to prescription drug pricing and reduce corporate pharmacy spend.

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Healthcare Consultants

Trying to offset the increase in your client’s pharmacy spend while showing value to the HR department and management is challenging.

myDrugCosts is easy to implement, secure, and works with your client’s plan design.

Reduce Your Client’s
Pharmacy Spend

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Notifies employees of less expensive, off-plan savings opportunities that have little to no impact on the company

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Employee-centered technology to help employees research prescription drug pricing and buying options

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Reporting to help management identify further opportunities to save

myDrugCosts mobile app showing medication details and potential savings for the app user
myDrugCosts mobile app showing a list of the user's medications and potential savings.

Tailored to Each of
Your Client’s Employees

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Plan-specific details

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Employees’ prescriptions show up in their account

Empower Your Client’s Employees to Take an Active Role in Their Health

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Savings notifications to re-engage employees

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Education around prescription drug buying

If you are a healthcare consultant and want to see a demo of myDrugCosts, contact us at

myDrugCosts mobile app showing health plan details for the app user

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