Notifications Feature and Corporate Savings

myDrugCosts – a mobile platform that helps self-insured employers and their employees save money on prescription drugs through user engagement, cost transparency, and savings recommendations – has rolled out notifications as part of its Personalized Savings feature. myDrugCosts notifies registered users through email when a savings opportunity is available for their current prescription drugs.

“Notification feature represents a win-win opportunity for employees and employers,” says Dan Pollard, founder of myDrugCosts.  “For employees that have registered for a myDrugCosts account, it takes the guesswork out of finding the lowest cost for prescription drugs, and for employers, it reduces corporate spend by encouraging members to choose options that either reduce plan costs or have no financial impact on the company.”

In one example representing an Atlanta construction company, an employee was paying a $30 copay for Tadalafil 10 MG tablet while the employer picked up the remaining cost of the drug for $435.  When a savings opportunity was brought to the attention of the myDrugCosts member, the employee saved $19.20 and the employer paid $0. The 12-month savings for the employee totaled over $230 while the company saved over $5,220 on just one drug for one of their employees.

To take advantage of personalized savings and notifications, employees must create a free myDrugCosts account. Members can manage Personalized Savings notifications in their myDrugCosts account by clicking the “Settings” tab.  

To learn more about myDrugCosts, email myDrugCosts at