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myDrugCosts' Year In Review For 2021

myDrugCosts – a mobile platform that helps self-insured employers and their employees save money on prescription drugs through user engagement, cost transparency and savings recommendations – unveiled its 2021 Year in Review, a year that saw enhancements to the member experience.

“In 2021, we put a lot of our focus on upgrading the user experience,” says Dan Pollard, founder of myDrugCosts. “Our goal was to make it easier for members to access their prescription information as well as identify ways to save on their medications.”

To simplify the login process for members and to make it easier for our partners to communicate the access point to employees, myDrugCosts shifted from custom login URLs for each client to a universal login located on the company’s website,

To be able to handle the increase in website traffic and to keep the login process similar, infrastructure was built out and the myDrugCosts website was updated to provide a better user experience for clients and members.  

“We had a busy and successful year in 2021 which wouldn’t have been possible without the efforts of the myDrugCosts team,” says Dan Pollard.  “It was a milestone year, and we expect that to continue in 2022.”

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