myDrugCosts Introduces its Mobile App for Apple iOS and Android

myDrugCosts – a mobile platform that helps self-insured employers and their employees save money on prescription drugs through user engagement, cost transparency and savings recommendations – today announced the launch of the new myDrugCosts app.  The app is designed to help enhance the myDrugCosts experience for members and making it easier for them to take an active role in their health.

“With the average person using 8-9 apps a day and apps playing an important part in the early education process for consumers, we wanted to communicate to members on their level,” says Dan Pollard, CEO of myDrugCosts.  “With a few taps, members have access to information that will help them be more informed and confident they are paying the lowest price for their medications.”

Members that download and use the myDrugCosts app will receive notifications with savings alerts when members have opportunities to save on their current prescriptions.

myDrugCosts App Features:

·       Members receive notifications when there is an opportunity to save on their current prescription drugs

·       Members can review buying options to find ways to save on their medications

·       Members can see the cost of prescription drugs with their insurance

·       Members’ plan details uploaded to their account for easy access

To see a visual representation of the myDrugCosts app and its features, visit

The myDrugCosts Mobile App can be used on Apple iOS and Android and can be downloaded from the Apple App store and Google Play store.

To have access to the myDrugCosts app, employees need to be enrolled in a company-sponsored health plan and have a myDrugCosts account.

To get more information, contact