myDrugCosts Introduces its Newest Cost-Savings Feature, Personalized Savings

myDrugCosts – a mobile platform that helps users save money on prescription drugs through user engagement, cost transparency and saving recommendations – has recently announced the launch of its newest cost-savings feature, Personalized Savings.  Personalized Savings provides an easy-to-use interface that proactively finds cheaper options for current medications.  

The myPrescriptions section of myDrugCosts, where Personalized Savings feature can be found, is designed to offer a personal and convenient overview of current prescription drugs, including days left until next refill; address to the pharmacy; phone number to the pharmacy; and what you and your employer paid, and proactively finds savings opportunities (Personalized Savings) associated with each prescription drug and how to take advantage of these prices.

“Not only is our goal to empower users and help them become informed consumers, we also want to make it easy for them to know all their options and prices,” says Dan Pollard, CEO of myDrugCosts.  “myDrugCosts’ Personalized Savings feature takes the guess work out of buying prescription drugs.  Before a doctor’s visit or a refill, access your myDrugCosts account and we’ll show any savings opportunities we find associated with each prescription.”  

The Personalized Savings feature will play a prominent role in the myDrugCosts experience, with the new feature adding additional savings opportunities and providing a robust platform that makes saving money on prescription drugs personal and effortless.    

To request a presentation of myDrugCosts and its Personalized Savings feature, send myDrugCosts a message.