More Affordable Pricing Through Our Pharmacy Partners

In today's healthcare landscape, the cost of medications continues to be a significant burden for both employees and employers. With medication prices rising yearly, employers and HR teams face the challenge of providing pharmacy benefits that cover the medications employees need at a fair and reasonable price.  

The reality is that not all employees' medications will be covered or covered at a reasonable price. Your Pharmacy Benefit Manager's (PBM) plan design has limitations, leaving certain drugs off the covered list and excluding some pharmacies.

To counter this, HR teams can add myDrugCosts to their healthcare benefits to expand pharmacy coverage and help employees find more affordable prices for the medications they need.

“Kroger no longer accepted my insurance,” said Margaret, a myDrugCosts member who works for DiversiTech. “I was stressed and had no idea where to turn. I found myDrugCosts and was able to get a three-month supply for less than the cost of one month.”

Our strategic partnership with pharmacies that are redefining and disrupting the pharmacy industry allows us to offer more affordable pricing for the medications your employees need while reducing employer pharmacy spending. When employees save using myDrugCosts, so does the employer.

Meet a Few of Our Pharmacy Partners:

Mark Cuban Cost Plus Drugs:

Cost Plus Drugs is revolutionizing the pharmaceutical industry by offering medications at transparent and significantly reduced prices. Cost Plus Drugs ensures employees can afford their prescriptions without financial strain by eliminating the traditional middleman and hidden fees that often inflate drug costs.

DiRx Health:

By eliminating traditional intermediaries, DiRx connects consumers directly with manufacturers, ensuring significant cost savings without compromising quality. This direct-to-consumer model reduces the complexity and inefficiencies associated with traditional pharmacy benefit management and enhances transparency in drug pricing.

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Rx outreach:

As a non-profit pharmacy, Rx Outreach leverages partnerships with manufacturers, healthcare providers, and community organizations to offer medications at significantly reduced prices. This model ensures that individuals who are uninsured, underinsured, or facing financial hardships can access the medications they need.

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By incorporating myDrugCosts into your health benefits, you're not just adding a technological tool; you're fostering a healthier, more engaged, and more satisfied workforce while helping to control and reduce employer pharmacy spending.

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