Example of DiRx Savings Opportunities

myDrugCosts has integrated DiRx pricing into its platform and personalized savings engine.

DiRx is an online pharmacy offering affordable pricing on more than 1,400 drugs.  A Forbes Health top pick for "Best Online Pharmacies for 2022 and 2023", DiRx provides savings opportunities on some of the most commonly prescribed medicines and ships free to 50 states and Washington D.C.  

We used claims data for a client's high deductible health Plan (HDHP) to show savings opportunities if medication is bought using DiRx.

Acarbose (Generic for Precose)
  • HDHP Plan Pricing:$30
  • DiRx Pricing:$13
  • Employer Responsibility:$0

Azelaic Acid (Generic for Finacea)
  • HDHP Plan Pricing:$135
  • DiRx Pricing: $61
  • Employer Responsibility:$0

Felbamate (Generic for Felbatol)
  • HDHP Plan Pricing:$335
  • DiRx Pricing:$45
  • Employer Responsibility:$0

Ezetimibe (Generic for Zetia)
  • HDHP Plan Pricing:$42
  • DiRx Pricing:$8
  • Employer Responsibility:$0

Nefazodone HCI (Generic for Serzone)
  • HDHP Pricing:$349
  • DiRx Pricing:$69
  • Employer Responsibility:$0

Albuterol Sulfate HFA (Generic for Proventil)
  • HDHP Pricing:not covered
  • DiRx Pricing:$19
  • Employer Responsibility:$0