myDrugCosts Adds Mark Cuban Cost Plus Drug Company Pricing to its Platform

myDrugCosts—a mobile platform that helps self-insured employers and their employees save money on prescription drugs through user engagement, cost transparency and savings recommendations – is pleased to announce its relationship with the Mark Cuban Cost Plus Drug Company.  

myDrugCosts has integrated Cost Plus Drugs pricing into its platform and personalized savings engine. Members can see if a medication qualifies for Cost Plus Drugs pricing and learn how to take advantage of these savings opportunities by searching for a drug in their myDrugCosts account. Members will also be automatically notified through “Personalized Savings” notifications when their medications are cheaper through Cost Plus Drugs.

The Mark Cuban Cost Plus Drug Company is revolutionizing the cost of prescription medications in the U.S. and offers deeply discounted prices on nearly 1,000 drugs, including drugs that treat common medical issues such as heart disease, cancer, COPD/asthma, diabetes, mental health, and Parkinson’s disease.

“We are always looking for new ways to better help our clients, and Cost Plus Drugs represents a win for HR Teams and their employees,” says Dan Pollard, CEO of myDrugCosts. “HR Teams can offer employees medications that treat common and serious medical issues at a fraction of the price, and the employer isn’t responsible for picking up the remaining cost for these medications. This includes medications that would normally drive-up corporate pharmacy spend.”

Notable popular and specialty medications with significant savings:

Imatinib – Leukemia Treatment

  • Retail Price: $2,502.50
  • Cost Plus Drugs Price: $14.40

Atomoxetine HCI – Mental Health

  • Retail Price: $357.60
  • Cost Plus Drugs Price: $9.30

Dalfampridine ER – Multiple Sclerosis

  • Retail Price: $1,382
  • Cost Plus Drugs Price: $11.40

Aripiprazole– Mental/Mood Disorders

  • Retail Price: $677.80
  • Cost Plus Drugs Price: $6

Cost Plus Drugs prices reflect actual manufacturer prices, a flat 15% markup, pharmacy fee, and shipping cost.

For employees to take advantage of Cost Plus Drugs pricing through myDrugCosts, they must have insurance through their employer and can create their account by going to

To see an expanded list of drugs covered by Cost Plus Drugs visit or visit to see an example of how Cost Plus Drugs could reduce one of our client's pharmacy spend.