Reducing Client's Pharmacy Spend with Mark Cuban Cost Plus Drugs Company

Employees who have a myDrugCosts account will start seeing more than 1,000 deeply discounted buying options through the Mark Cuban Cost Plus Drug Company.

Helping employees identify and act on these savings opportunities – including medications that treat serious medical issues such as cancer and multiple sclerosis – will help reduce employers’ pharmacy spend.

As an example, myDrugCosts ran a savings analysis for a hospitality client that operates 13 restaurants in New York City and found 37 medications that qualified for Cost Plus Drugs pricing.

The company could reduce its costs on these medications by more than 46 percent while also saving employees thousands of dollars in total.

Cost Plus Drugs is an off-plan purchase option found on myDrugCosts and represents a win as the employer incurs no costs when an employee chooses one of their medications.

Members can see if a medication qualifies for Cost Plus Drugs pricing and learn how to take advantage of savings opportunities by searching for a drug in their myDrugCosts account. Members will also receive “Personalized Savings” notifications when their medications are cheaper through Cost Plus Drugs.

To take advantage of these savings opportunities and to help reduce corporate pharmacy spend, employees should be encouraged to create a myDrugCosts account at

If you are interested in seeing insight on direct opportunities to reduce employer and member pharmacy spend for one of your clients, email and request a “Savings Opportunities” report.